Resources for Recovery

The events of the last six months have unfolded into a period of tremendous disruption and all of us have been affected in unforeseen ways. Needs in the field have increased even as budgetary resources have not, and many organizations face funding shortfalls and staff turnover while trying to revise or expand their own services to meet these needs.

Knowing that needs were growing even as budgets were not,  the American Institutes for Research , or AIR, worked to create and share resources created through the Federal centers we operate, the clients we serve, and the internal investments AIR has been able to make. These resources have been shared publicly through webinars, podcasts and other events as well as on our website.

The Resources for Recovery Series gathers all of these evidence-based, publicly available resources into easy-to-share compilations by topic. Each topic document contains a short description of AIR’s work in the field, followed by a listing of related resources by type (webinars, podcasts, toolkits, etc.). Each item highlighted can be accessed free of charge through the links provided.


To access the latest offerings on these topics, please follow the links below:  

Early Childhood and Early Care

English Learners

Equity and Access 

Health and Human Services

Postsecondary Education 

 Remote Learning

Special Education

Teachers and Leaders 

The Well-Being of the School Community 


Health Equity


For more information about the Resources for Recovery series, please contact: Trish Brennan-Gac, Director, State and Local Partnerships, via email at, or by phone at 202-360-0165.