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Supports for Integrating Technology into Instruction: PowerUp and The TechMatrix

For many instructors, the experience of teaching remotely during the global coronavirus pandemic likely has underscored the importance of having accessible and flexible technology tools that allow personalized instruction and meet the needs of a wide variety of learners. For some educators, teaching with technology may have been familiar, but for many, the 2019-2020 academic year offered a crash course in technology integration. As educators embark on the new school year, we wanted to spotlight  two key resources that can work together to support teachers and school leaders in maximizing the effective use of technology in the classroom.


PowerUp WHAT WORKS offers expert-curated resources, evidence-based strategies, and practical tips for personalizing instruction with technology to meet the needs of diverse learners, including students with disabilities and English learners. Many of these have built-in assistive features that can support a wide range of student learning needs. The tools and resources you will find on PowerUp share powerful teaching strategies that are grounded in best practices and Universal Design for Learning. They aim to help you integrate assistive technology and make educational technology a key component of learning. 

On PowerUp WHAT WORKS, you’ll find ideas for:

Each of these guides provides instructional strategies, practical tips, and ideas for personalizing instruction with technology.

The TechMatrix

Combine the teaching strategies and ideas on PowerUp WHAT WORKS with The TechMatrix. This database of assistive and educational technology tools is searchable by grade level, price range, student learning goals, content area, and disability category. To help narrow down the tool or type of tool that best supports their teaching and learning goals, educators can compare products and features side by side using the “compare” feature.