Teacher Appreciation Takes on New Meaning in COVID-19 Era and Beyond

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to my six-year-old’s Zoom meeting with her first-grade teacher. They’re doing a feelings check, a math minute, and a vocabulary game. I can hear the joyful first graders’ voices as they see each other and their teacher on screen. Right next to her is my eighth grader, who is logged into Google Classroom, working on an English language arts assignment, cuing up a video from her math teacher, responding to emails from her teachers—checking in, asking if she’s OK, letting her know that teachers are here for her and they can help—and noting the time for her Zoom meeting with her science teacher.

Like many parents, I’m trying to balance working full-time, now at home, with caring for two children who need to be learning. My dining room has been transformed into the schoolroom, and our big mirror serves as a whiteboard with the daily schedule.

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