Graduation Ready Project

Graduation Ready Project

The Graduation Ready: School User Guide is the practice-oriented resource designed to accompany the EWIMS Implementation Guide throughout the course of the Graduation Ready project and beyond. The User Guide walks your school team through each of the types of activities in which your team will engage throughout the course of a school year. 

This Graduation Ready project space serves as the repository of our resources to support your implementation of AIR’s early warning intervention and monitoring system (EWIMS) process. On the group page, you will find the links to all tools referenced within the User Guide. These resource links are organized by each of the 7 steps of EWIMS:

  • Step 1—Establish Roles and Responsibilities
  • Step 2—Use the Early Warning Data Tool
  • Step 3—Review Early Warning Data
  • Step 4—Interpret Early Warning Data
  • Step 5—Assign and Provide Interventions
  • Step 6—Monitor Students and Interventions
  • Step 7—Evaluate and Refine the EWIMS Process

If you have questions, or if there are additional resources that you would like to see housed on this Graduation Ready group space, please reach out to your school's Graduation Ready coach.


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