COVID-19 Response and Resource Briefs

COVID-19 has changed—and is still changing—education across the United States. States, districts, and schools have drafted and continue to refine their plans for ensuring students learn and grow through this period of disruption.

Drawing on our experience in education research and conversations with the field, AIR has drafted a series of 9 brief documents addressing multiple aspects of the ongoing response to COVID-19.


  Innovation During COVID-19

  Prioritizing Students Who Are Vulnerable

  Mitigating the COVID-19 Learning Loss

  Using Competency-Based Learning to Respond to COVID-19 Learning Loss

  Providing Social and Emotional Supports for Adults and Students

  Teacher Evaluation and Supports

  District and School Accountability and Supports

  Designing a Flexible Reopening Plan With a Focus on Safety

  Leveraging Federal Funding to Improve Equitable Outcomes for Students