Stop, Think, Act: Ready to Assess SEL Toolkit

With a heightened interest in whole child education efforts and well-being in today's covid-19 context, there is an increasing need for high-quality, research-based information about setting level measures of social and emotional competencies and practices. 

The American Institutes for Research had created the Stop, Think, Act: Ready to Assess Toolkit to assist educators, practitioners, and policymakers make informed decisions about SEL assessment. 

In this second edition of Ready to Assess, we:

  1. highlight the importance of implementation readiness and the conditions that foster social and emotional learning and development; 
  2. include assessments of learning conditions in and out of school; and 
  3. update the list of available social and emotional competency assessments, spanning the spectrum of developmental periods and the variety of settings in which people develop. 

The toolkit includes a brief about the current state of SEL assessment, a decision tree for making SEL assessment-related choices, and a tools index that is organized by developmental period and includes SEL assessments available for use in a variety of settings.

The index will be most useful to you as you look for an assessment  with the social and emotional constructs you think are most relevant to your intervention, setting, and developmental stage. 

 You may also consider checking out Making SEL Assessment Work: Ten Practitioner Beliefs as you consider practical assessment strategies.